Even though WaterDays didn’t happen as normal in 2020, we would still like to thank those who contributed during these difficult times and helped out with the events that did take place.
Platinum Sponsor ($1,000+):
City of New London; GlenOaks Senior Living Campus
Gold Sponsors ($500 - $999):
Dawn Weber, Attorney at Law; HMD Photography; Rambow, Inc.
Silver Sponsors ($150-$499):
Hanson Tire & Lube; Larry Powers Construction; Ramsey Farms; Regal Electric; Three Sisters Furnishings; Valley View Book & Tax
Bronze Sponsors (up to $150):
One Blonde’s Salon; Skindelien’s BP
Special Thanks:
City of New London; Hope Presbyterian Church; HMD Photography; Seth Arvila; Becky Arvila; Georgia Wachtler; Amanda Gales; Jerry & Karen Bents; Emri Werder; Alison & Wade Werder; Michele & Brian Okuly; Chad Schmiesing and the tennis tournament crew; Mill Pond Mile crew; to those who gave to the parade fundraiser on Facebook; and to anyone we may have inadvertently forgotten!
New London WaterDays Committee Members: Alex Baker, Stephanie Bents, Larry Gunter, Heather Larson, Dan Leite, and Nate Pederson 
New London WaterDays Board of Directors: Becky Arvila, Alison Werder, and Vickie Vogt